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A distributed dual stack Monitoring system

6MoNPlus presentation @ Terena Networking Conference TNC16

6MoNPlus is a modular, scalable and extensible open system for monitoring and controlling geographically distributed dual stack (IPv4/IPv6) networks.
By design, it has a fully distributed monitoring architecture, also capable of NAT and Firewall traversing, based on:

  • N remote plug-and-play components called Probes, which modularly gather physical packets from remote networks;
  • a single central component called Core, which modularly collects the incoming data from the Probes.

The network monitoring results are presented using a unique user-friendly web based Frontend.

Using 6MoNPlus, network administrators will be able to:

  • Detect, mitigate and notify rogue IPv6 Router Advertisements;
  • Monitor the network addresses utilization by finding the associations between IPv4/IPv6/MAC/UID/Username in a given time interval;
  • Detect and notify the presence of unofficial DHCP servers;
  • Detect L2 loops;
  • Control and manage the distributed remote Probes and all the monitoring modules installed on them.