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How can I activate debug mode for a running instance of Core?

Change the logging categories (both rootCategory and genericAppender.threshold) in the log properties file stored in: /etc/sixmon/corelog.properties.

Further details can be found here.

Where does the Core store logging information?

The Core process stores useful information in the directory /var/log/sixmon.



Do 6MoNPlus Probes use SNMP protocol?

A 6MoNPlus Probe may use SNMP v2c to get some useful information about itself (like CPU loads, Free Disk Space, etc.). The SNMP daemon on the Probe has to be configured to expose few MIBs, using the community public (in read-only mode) and allowing requests coming only from localhost.

Here it is the list of OIDs used by Probes:

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  • .
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Where does the Probe store useful information?

The Probe process stores useful information in the directory /var/log/sixmon.

What is probe-arguments.conf?

probe-arguments.conf is the file where basic configuration for the Probe is stored. It is located under the directory /etc/sixmon. The following lines represent how probe-arguments.conf should look like:


  • control-port and data-port represent the TCP/UDP port where the Core is listening to receive control or data information.
  • ip represent the IPv4 used by the Probe to contact the Core.
  • interface represents the name of the monitoring network interface by which the Probe sniffs network traffic.
  • probe-id represents the id of the Probe.
  • dir-conf represents the absolute path of Probe’s configuration path.
  • nic-ring-buffer-size represents the size of the ring buffer of the used network interface.